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Project Meeting 2021

In October, (most of) the HiPoAF team made their way to Wädenswil (Switzerland) for our annual project meeting. This time, the meeting was hosted by our Swiss Team from ZHAW with the help of group leader Hans-Joachim Nägele (aka. Hajo).

Three days of fruitful scientific discussions and most enjoyable get-togethers went by way too fast!

The ZHAW team did a great job in organizing this event which included guided tours of the ZHAW campus and Zurich as well as presentation of their lab, and many nice Aperos, lunch, and dinner locations. Furthermore, Hajo offered his expertise in guiding a productive "discussion & future planning" session where he also asked all team members to reflect on the past.

"Pick three words that best describe the highlights of the HiPoAF project for you." he said.

The word that came up the most? COLLABORATION. Yay to team spirit! =)

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