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Biogas Production From Waste
For a Sustainable Future

Biogas production from lignocellulosic waste products is important to a sustainable circular economy concept. Current technology, however, offers no efficient solution for overcoming the recalcitrance of lignocellulose in anaerobic digesters.

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Nature Knows Best

Utilizing Anaerobic Gut Fungi

For millennia, herbivores are able to turn tough plant material into energy, valuable products, and biogas. One keyfactor in their anaerobic digestion process are anaerobic gut fungi - a group of highly skilled plant biomass degraders that are completely unutilized by current anaerobic digestion technology.

Cooperation Is Key

FUNGAS at the intersection of
Science and Industry

In close cooperation with our industry partners from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria we aim to identify current market gaps and potential ways to implement anaerobic gut fungi in running systems for the benefit of farmers, biogas plant operators, and a sustainable economy.

Image by Mike Enerio

Do All Roads Lead to Rome?

Using multiple approaches to increase
the chances of success.

Through synergies of our various expertises we hope to find a solution that can be implemented in anaerobic digestion systems. Each one of our experts brings an unique perspective to the table and together we will investigate at least three different concepts to employ anaerobic gut fungi in biogas production.

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