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Environmental Biotechnology lab,

Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology,

Zurich University of Applied Scienes (ZHAW), Wädenswil

The ICBT covers a range of scientific expertise from biological, biochemical to chemical-analytical methods. It is well equipped with up to date technology; it holds (among others) the Competence Centre for Biocatalysis, a Biofilm Lab and is affiliated to the Culture Collection of Switzerland CCOS.


Within the ICBT, the Environmental Biotechnology lab focuses on anaerobic digestion technology and anaerobic microbiology. Another area of expertise comprises biomass availability studies and mass- and energy flow analysis of biomass systems. Recently, the group hosted several projects for anaerobic digestion process development and for acceleration of hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass such as agricultural residues and dairy cow manure fractions. Expertise has been built up in thermochemical, enzymatic and microbial pretreatment methods. Within this context, the expertise of the group covers general batch and continuous cultivation of strict anaerobic microorganisms, cultivation of filamentous fungi and bioprocess parameter evaluation and optimization. A strong focus was built up in anaerobic microbiology and microbial ecology. In 2015, anaerobic fungi from rumen were successfully isolated and investigated.

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