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PhD & PR

Public relations should be an integral part of every scientists' day-to-day life - especially in a world where confusion about the scientific method and science in general nourishes mistrust in and dismissal of science and scientists.

For the past few weeks our two PhD students, Akshay & Julia, have ventured into the public relation sector: together with Heribert Insam, Geli Kugler, Gerhard Aigner, and Sebastian Hupfauf they produced a radio show on the greenhouse gas methane and how microorganisms are involved in its production and its utilization.

The show aired on Tuesday on Radio Freirad (Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria) and can be revisited anytime here. It is meant for the general public and, while most of the show is in German, Akshay's talk on methane production in agriculture and cattle farming is, of course, in English.

If you are interested, tune in and find out, how and where methane is produced and how we can use methane as a renewable and sustainable energy source!

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