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New Year - New Publication

The start of 2021 brought us the good news of an accepted publication!

This time, Kate, Sabine, Julia, and a consortium of researchers from other projects, investigated the mircobiome changes in goats that have been shifted to a high-grain diet. Based on two different techniques (ITS2 high-throughput sequencing, and ITS1 clone library), they tried to illuminate Neocallimastigomycota community changes after diet shift. Among other interesting results, they even stumbled upon hints on the nature of the elusive BlackRhino group!

The paper will be published in Microorganisms' special issue on anaerobic fungi - an issue you should read! Together with this paper, there are now two papers in this special issue that implemented an ASV based bioinformatics approach for fungal sequences instead of an OTU based one. Generally, the issue ASV vs. OTU is discussed frequently within our working groups and on the worldwide web - what is your opinion on this topic?

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