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New publication!

This summer, the HiPoAF team has been immensely busy putting the final touch on several publications, the first of which has now been published:

Young et al., 2022: Simultaneous Metabarcoding and Quantification of Neocallimastigomycetes from Environmental Samples: Insights into Community Composition and Novel Lineages. Microorganisms, 10 (9)

This publication reports on a big project the German HiPoAF teams (Diana Young, Veronika Flad, Michael Lebuhn, Christian Wurzbacher, Liren Huang, Alexander Sczryba) have been tirelessly working on for the past years: they have developed and thoroughly validated a novel Neocallimastigomycetes-specific primer pair together with collaborators from within the HiPoAF team (Gareth Griffith) as well as the AFN.

Well done, everyone involved! The rest of us can't wait to try out those new primers =)

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