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Indian Reinforcement

New month, new face: Akshay arrived on Oct. 1st in Switzerland, reinforcing the ZHAW team as PhD candidate!

Originally from India, Akshay has worked as Junior Research Fellow at the Agharkar Research Institute in Pune for almost 4 years, where he investigated fibrolytic microbes and, of course, the potential of anaerobic fungi for biomethanation enhancement.

AF Cultivation Workshop in Freising with our latest team member, Akshay (on the left).

Akshay will do his PhD at the Universtiy of Innsbruck, while working within the HiPoAF project at the ZHAW in Switzerland. After his arrival he had a couple of weeks to acclimatize, before he and the Swiss team were off to Freising, Germany where our LfL team is stationed.

Sidenote: with Akshay from India, Diana from Mexico, Wantanasak from Thailand, Kate from Czech Republic, and Gareth from Wales (UK) the D.A.CH. project is evolving into a truly diverse, international one - yay!

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