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HiPoAF @ ISME18, Lausanne

For this year's ISME18 (August 14th-19th 2022) the HiPoAF team lead herself, Sabine Podmirseg, traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland, and presented her research on a hot new topic: extracellular DNA.

If you are interested, check out her latest opinion paper on this topic.

"The ISME18 was a compelling experience and primarily it was a real pleasure to interact with the international research community in person again and to reactivate or deepen scientific networks.", Sabine says.

At ISME18, over 2000 scientists from all over the world were gathered. It was a week full of high-end and innovative talks, covering all different aspects of microbiology and a place to present our current research field on extra- and intracellular DNA during a poster session. Our aim was to raise awareness on the existence and hidden information in the different fractions of environmental DNA. Depending on the research question, discrimination of these fractions can improve the interpretation of results from biomonitoring campaigns, but also help to evaluate the activity within specific environments. Sequential DNA extraction will also be applied in various studies on anaerobic fungi within the HiPoAF project and plays a fundamental role in the Ph.D. thesis of Sophia Strobl.

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