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Collaboration Month

From right to left: Shruti, Sabine, and Julia. Standing on the terrace on a sunny day in March.

As you might have noticed, we've been pretty silent on here for the last couple of months. But, as you also know, social media does not reflect reality - we have been insanely busy preparing publications, new project proposals, and organising new collaborations!

Now we're back with an update and would instantly like to declare March 2022 the month of collaboration (despite what is happening elsewhere in the world):

In Innsbruck, we had Shruti - a PhD student from France - with us for two weeks. She tries to increase the biogas yield from lignocellulosic material, and we were of course happy to help with the integration of anaerobic fungi in such an endeavour.

Top left image from right to left: Leonie, Sabine, and Julia standing in front of the 37°C room. Smiling from the inside of the room: Nico and Sophia.

Furthermore, our master student Leonie Sonderegger started her first big experiment series that required as many helping hands as we could muster. Of course, all of us were ready to help, turning "long experiment Mondays" into "teamwork & chocolate Mondays".

And, last but not least, in March one of our big HiPoAF inter-laboratory experiment series is coming to a close. We are now eagerly analysing the data and started writing the paper, so we can hopefully share our interesting results soon with the AF interested community!

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