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Ao. Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr. Ursula Peintner




Senior Researcher

@ the Department of Microbiology
Technikerstraße 25d
6020 Innsbruck

Research areas

  • Environmental Mycology (Mycorrhiza research, Soil Fungal Communities and their interactions)

  • Seasonal Dynamics of Fungal Communities in Arctic / Alpine Habitats

  • Basidiomycota (Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Ecology)

  • Ethnomycology and Medicinal Fungi



  • Biodiversity of Fungi and Fungi-Like Protists (Seminar and Practical Course)

  • Food-Borne Fungi

  • Introduction into the Systematics of Microorganisms

  • Systematics and Evolution

  • Function and Use of Fungi in Habitats

  • Live Mycology - Recognizing and Identifying Fungi in their Habitats

  • Interdisciplinary Excursion to a Habitat

  • Symbiosis

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