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Julia Vinzelj


Expertise and research interests

anaerobic culturing techniques

microbial community analysis

fluorescence in-situ hybridization


presevation of anaerobic fungi

science communication


Educational background

2019 - today: PhD cand. @ Department of Microbiology, University of Innsbruck, Austria (topic: detection of anaerobic fungi)

2018: MSc. in Molecular Microbiology (topic: the role of Nug1 in ribosome biogenesis of S. cerevisiae), KFU Graz, Austria


Lecturer @ MCI, Austria (Sustainability & Natural Sciences, WS2020 - today)

co-host of the AFN webinar series (2021 - today, Joan Edwards,  Julia Vinzelj)

co-organizer of the first IAFC that was held in September 2022

co-organizer of the ISAM2023 that was held in Mai 2023

co-organizer of the second IAFC that will take place in 2024

Julia Vinzelj
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