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Open call for students

You are interested in our research and want to do your Bachelor's or Master's thesis on this very topic? Well then do so! In Innsbruck (at the Department of Microbiology) we are now looking for bachelor as well as master students to complement our team.

As a bachelor or master student within our team you will:

  • be assigned your own mini-project within the larger scope of the HiPoAF project

  • work together with our Innsbruck-Team to achieve your project goals and complete your thesis

  • be encouraged to contribute to the publication of the data you collect

  • be able to gain your first experiences in academics within a closely knitted team that offers help & support whereever it can

Methods you will be able to learn/use:

  • anaerobic cultivation techniques

  • light microscopy

  • fluorescence microscopy & fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH)

  • standard DNA tools (extraction, PCR, Nanodrop, etc.)

  • quantitative real-time PCR

  • digital droplet PCR

Since English is generally regarded as the language of science and this project in particular is an international one, good English skills are a big plus for Bachelor students and an essential requirement for Master students.

If you are interested, please contact Julia.

Covid19 related information:

Interviews with people living in Innbruck can (at least for now) be done face-to-face while maintaining a 1.5m distance; interviews with applicants living elsewhere will be done via Skype or Zoom. We are nevertheless happy to welcome students from other universities to join us at the University of Innsbruck for their thesis!

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